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Deep sea fishing in Koh Samui promises an unmatched fishing adventure in turquoise waters. Big game fishing fans can anticipate catches like barracuda, mackerel, and sailfish, renowned for their exhilarating fights. Samui Luxury Boats ensures a top-tier experience with state-of-the-art fishing equipment, bait, and expert guidance.

Deep sea fishing enthusiasts can also aim for the elusive white and red snapper or the powerful cobia. The depth of the sea hides other treasures like grouper, travally, and the majestic sting ray. Each trip becomes a memorable tale of nature, challenge, and triumph.

Samui Deep-Sea Trolling Charter

Our trolling tour involves dragging lures or baited hooks behind a moving boat to mimic prey, attracting larger fish. This technique covers vast water areas efficiently, increasing the chances of a catch. Moreover, it targets multiple fish species and allows anglers to access deeper waters where big game fish thrive, making it an advantageous method for both novices and experienced fishermen.

Samui Deep-Sea Ledger Fishing Charter

Deep-sea ledgering in Ko Samui targets big fish species that inhabit the ocean floor around the island. Anglers often hook grouper, snapper, and cobia using this technique. The method is effective for accessing the depths of Samui’s waters, offering both challenge and reward.

Samui Deep-Sea Jigging Charter

Deep-sea jigging in Samui is an adrenaline-pumping technique using rhythmic rod action. Anglers target species like mackerel, grouper, and trevally. This method allows for targeting fast-moving and aggressive fish in Samui’s deeper waters.

Samui Deep-Sea Night Fishing Charter

Our night fishing tour presents a unique opportunity to target nocturnal species. Anglers often catch snapper, grouper, and squid under the moonlit waters. The serene environment paired with the thrill of the unknown makes it a favorite among many fishing enthusiasts.

Samui and its surrounding waters serve as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, offering diverse locations and species. From the vibrant ecosystems of the islands to the unique setting of the deep-sea oil rig, each spot provides a distinct experience. Combining the thrill of the catch with the serene beauty of the region, Samui promises unforgettable fishing adventures for both novices and seasoned anglers.


We offer

  • Night time or daytime fishing excursions
  • Let us know what you would like to fish and we can recommend the perfect fishing trip for your needs
  • All equipment, bait, and knowledge provided. You just fish!
  • Meals and live onboard options available for your trip

Fishing Locations Include:

  • Koh Tao, renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, offers a rich underwater ecosystem where fish thrive.
  • Koh Phangan, apart from its full moon festivities, is a haven for anglers, with its diverse marine life.
  • The deep-sea oil rig presents an unconventional, yet surprisingly fertile ground for fishing, as aquatic life often congregates around such structures.
  • Sailrock, situated between Samui and Koh Phangan, is another hotspot, popular for its abundance of game fish.
  • The picturesque Five Islands and tranquil Koh Tan provide serene fishing settings, making each trip both a peaceful retreat and an exciting adventure.


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I recently went on a yacht charter in Thailand with the help of Chris, the agent from Samui Luxury Boat, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. From the moment we first contacted Chris to the end of our trip, he was professional, helpful, and always available to answer any questions we had. The yacht, the princess 64 was top-notch and exceeded all of our expectations. It was spacious, well-equipped, and Opart and the crew were friendly and attentive. We were able to visit a variety of stunning locations along the coast of Thailand, and the flexible itinerary allowed us to customize our trip to fit our specific interests. One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to go snorkeling in some of the most beautiful waters I've ever seen. The crystal clear water and abundant marine life were truly breathtaking, and the crew was knowledgeable and safety-conscious. Overall, I would highly recommend Chris and his team for anyone looking to plan a yacht charter in Thailand. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart, and I can't wait to plan my next trip with them.
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Michael Ho


Tour Features

Free Transfers

Luxury AC MiniVan from your resort or accommodation to our pier

Unlimited Soft Drinks

Ice cold bottled water and soft drinks available throughout your charter


Fresh tropical fruits available throughout your Samui Luxury Boats experience


All our tours are fully insured for your safety and peace of mind

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Each of our vessels have a fully functional marine bathroom for your use

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koh samui fishing, Koh Samui FishingMUST DO when in Samui with Friends We chartered a Catamaran with the help of Chris to celebrate our friend's birthday with a sunset cruise. We booked the Catamaran for a half-day trip that took us fishing and to a nearby island to swim. They prepared mixed... read more
koh samui fishing, Koh Samui Fishingkoh samui fishing, Koh Samui Fishing
koh samui fishing, Koh Samui Fishing
Christopher B
A really great day at sea. Bathing, snorkeling, fishing, great lunch and cool beer. Could not be better. Highly recommended. Perfect and very professional service from Chris with super fast response to all questions through WhataApp
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Kent Söderlund
All of us were so looking forward to this Koh Samui boat trip. From the Villa pickup to the welcoming greets from our host(Chris) and the friendly and professional boat crews and tour guide. My wife and I are really... read more
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Wendy Zhou

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