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We booked a private day trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park aboard a luxury speedboat was nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment we chatted with Chris until the moment we stepped aboard, we were in an atmosphere of relaxation and adventure. The journey began with the gentle hum of the speedboat accompanied by amazing music that set the perfect tone for the day ahead. As we cruised through the crystal-clear waters, our senses were heightened by sightings of playful dolphins dancing in the waves and majestic eagles soaring overhead. Chris, exuded professionalism and knowledge, ensuring that every aspect of our journey was seamless and enjoyable. His insights into the park's ecology and history added depth to our experience, leaving us in awe of the natural wonders surrounding us. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the opportunity to witness whales and monkeys in their natural habitat. It was a humbling experience to observe these magnificent creatures in the wild, a memory that will stay with us forever. Amidst the stunning scenery of limestone cliffs and lush greenery, we were treated to a mouthwatering seafood lunch, expertly prepared and served onboard. The flavors of the ocean complemented by chilled champagne elevated our culinary experience to new heights. In addition to being a skilled guide, Ton also doubled as an incredible photographer, capturing every moment of our adventure with precision and artistry. His attention to detail ensured that we left with cherished memories preserved forever. Overall, our journey to Ang Thong National Marine Park exceeded our expectations, thanks to the luxurious speedboat, amazing music, captivating wildlife sightings, delicious cuisine, and the expertise of Chris, our Captain and guide. It was a day of unparalleled luxury and natural beauty—a true escape from the ordinary…
Justin Heartson

samui luxury boat charter, Samui Luxury Boat Charters
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Chris Mills

For Chris, forming Samui Luxury Boats back in 2013 was a dream come true. With a successful career in hospitality and communication for leading global brands such as American Express, Amazon, and BP, Chris was looking for his next big challenge. Having grown up on the outskirts of London and spending his professional career in the city, Chris was ready for change.

Arriving in Koh Samui with an open mind Chris quickly realised there was an opportunity for a high-quality boat charter solution. With key relationships built with the best boat operators and finest crews, Chris established Samui Luxury Boats and is happily charting a course into the 2nd decade of operation.

Samui Luxury Boats’ crews are lucky enough to witness some of the world’s most beautiful seas, corals, and marine life through our work. There is a wealth of stunning life under our boats and we benefit from this every day. It is in our best interest to preserve and support our environment. To ensure this, we work with our captains to ensure minimal impact and request our visitors to carry out whatever they carry in. Chris’ passion for the environment and marine life has ensured support for various projects around Koh Samui for the preservation of our delicate marine ecosystem.

samui luxury boat charter, Samui Luxury Boat Charters
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